3 Ways New Garage Doors Can Help Your Home This Winter

As winter approaches, we all start to make preparations in our home – checking the central heating hasn’t packed in, making sure the fridge is stocked up and poking around our lofts to make sure the roof is properly insulated are all common checks.

Replacing your garage doors for the winter can be a wise move too, as it can increase your comfort, save you money, and help to keep you safe. Here at Kingswood Doors, we offer a high quality installation service for all the top brands of garage door. Here are just three reason you might want to choose this option:

Make Your Home Safe from Winter Thieves
The darkness of winter provides criminals with the ideal opportunity to get up to mischief, and if your garage doors appear like an easy target, it may be putting your property at risk. Most thieves are opportunists, and they are always on the lookout for weak spots in a home’s defences.

If you want a product that is going to deter criminals, you could choose something like a Hermann steel garage door or sectional garage door. One of the great things about Hermann products is they combine aesthetic appeal with tight security.

Prevent Heat Escaping from Your Home
Adding a new, modern garage door to your home can improve insulation, and this means that you won’t have to spend so much on heating – your garage acts as an entrance to your home, and can be a source of heat loss. If your garage is directly connected to the inside of your house by a door, it could mean that you are losing a lot of heat here.

Something like a Cardale insulated sectional door can be a good option because it is designed especially to prevent heat loss.

New Garage Doors Can Keep You Safe
Having garage doors that are automated is definitely convenient, but it can also keep you safe. The fact that you can just drive straight into your garage without having to get out and struggle with a manual handle means you are going to mean that you can avoid slipping on ice – it also means that you get to avoid being out in the cold or getting wet.


Novoferm remote control garage doors can be the perfect option for winter because you can open and close them without ever leaving your car.

There are plenty of other advantages to installing garage doors this winter such as increasing the value of your property, improving your ‘curb-appeal’, and increasing the utility of this part of your home. Our choice of doors and installation services here at Kingswood Doors are the perfect choice for this type of installation in the Bristol or Bath region.

Contact us now to find out more about how choosing new garage doors can be a great decision this winter.