Which Garage Door Type Is Right for My Home?

Most homeowners disregard garage doors despite the fact that these doors protect their homes, cars, and other valuable items; it’s not often top of the list of home renovations, and can easily get forgotten about. So long as it’s there, we’re fine, right?

Wrong. While looking to install or replace a door therefore, you should not just look at how much it complements your curb; you should also factor in its quality, durability, and ability to provide security. Some of the doors that can guarantee you of such features include roller garage doors, up and over garage doors and automated doors.

Roller Garage Doors

As the name suggests, roller garage doors roll up and around a spindle (with springs and tracks to guide the process) after which they are stored in a compartment in the ceiling. If you have a garage with ample headroom at the entrance and a driveway with restricted space, these doors may be a good alternative considering the fact that they don’t swing out.

With roller doors in place, you can be assured of plenty of room both inside and outside your garage. The fact that the doors have no external locks also implies that no one can force them open, and this makes them very ideal when it comes to security matters.

Up & Over Garage Doors

Up and over doors have been increasing in popularity in residential areas over the years and this fact is attributable to the ease with which they can be installed and maintained. The mechanism they employ also means they can be easily automated. If you are in search of a garage door that will guarantee you comfort with regard to operation, this is the door type you might want to consider. Additionally, owing to their many locking points, these doors are known to provide extra security.

Automated Doors

Automated garage doors come in varied designs; they can be up and over doors, rollers, around the corner or sectional doors. In short, with the existing technology, just about any overhead or sectional door can be automated. The main benefit of electric doors is that they offer a lot convenience since, at the push of a button, you can enter and exit your garage. The doors don’t require keys either, and this in itself makes them a good bet when it comes to security issues.

A garage door should secure and complement your house and with the door varieties we provide, finding a suitable one shouldn’t be a problem. We also offer installation services in addition to garage door parts such as automation sensors and remote controls. In case you detect any problem with your garage door therefore, contact us here at Kingswood Doors by phone or by using our website’s online contact form and we will be sure to provide expert advice, products and services to help.