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Roller Garage Doors In Bristol & Bath

Cardale are known throughout the industry for their dedication to innovation. Their Carteck sectional garage doors are second to none in terms of design and manufacture, and they are the only garage doors currently on the market which feature IPS (Integrated Protection System) technology. IPS has transformed garage door security by integrating a variety of patented safety enhancements which elevate these insulated sectional garage doors above the competition.

Not only that, but the doors are designed specifically to fit most shapes of entryway, their insulation protects your garage from heat loss, the vertical travel allows you to park directly in front of the door and the IPS technology implements both interior and exterior finger protection. As well as unparalleled safety features, the doors also boast stunning aesthetics with the choice of Georgian, ribbed and solid panels that come in your choice of texture and finish.

Up & Over Garage Doors

Up and over are the garage doors of choice for many households across Britain. We provide Cardale up and over models that come with either a Safelift Canopy or Slideaway Retractable operating system, depending on your preference. We offer a wide range of finishes that are designed to suit any style of property, including steel, Glass Reinforced Polyester, timber and ABS. Cardale make garage security a priority which is why every door features security triple latches, reinforcing plates and strong steel bracing for your complete property protection.

Glasswood GRP Up & Over Doors

These luxury up and over side hinged doors are a luxurious and popular choice among homeowners. They come pre-framed for your complete convenience and offer security features including a deadlock as well as a brass effect Euro profile night latch, two monkey tail shoot bolts, two door stays and four anti-drop anchored dog bolt hinges per each door leaf; everything you need to feel secure. There is also the option of three point locking for the active leaf, as well as a foot operated floor bolt locking for the inactive leaf and draft sealing technology. The doors themselves open outwards with the lock on the right hand side from the outside, though there is the option for left hand opening, and these stunning doors come in ABS, Timber Classic, GRP or steel designs.


Cardale offers an excellent range of stylish, safe, secure garage doors which are built in Britain using the highest grade materials.

Whatever Garage Door you are looking for you will find it in Cardale's stylish range.

Steel Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Steel Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Carteck insulated sectional garage doors represent the very pinnacle of sectional door design and are the only sectional doors to feature IPS (Integrated Protection System) an impressive array of safety, security and enhancement features, many of which are patented and make the doors unrivalled in choice and specification.

  • - Fits Garage openings of most shapes, even arched openings
  • - Insulates your garage against heat loss
  • - Vertical travel - park right up to the door
  • - IPS patented interior and exterior finger proctection
  • - Stunning panel options of georgian, ribbed, half ribbed and solid in a range of textures and finishes

Aluminium Insulated Roller Garage Doors


The clean lines of Thermaglide are attractive in any setting. The colourful choice of finishes can provide either an accent or complement to existing finishes. Thermaglide is a high performance door designed to give thermal and acoustic insulating properties much higher than the average garage door. The feature and function list puts this door at the very top of its technology.

Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over is by far the UK's most popular type of garage door operation, and Cardale up & over garage doors are available with a choice of two kinds of operating system, Safelift Canopy and Slideaway Retractable gear. With steel, timber, GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) and ABS (Acryonitrile budadiene styrene) finishes you are spoilt for choice.

All Cardale up & over doors feature multilatch slam latch security. Strong steel bracing, reinforcing plates and triple latches keep your door securely locked.

Steel Up & Over Garage Doors


Secure, corrosion resistant garage doors, manufactured from premium grade galvanised steel with a choice of finishes.

Euro Oak Up & Over Garage Doors

Euro Oak doors are simply stunning. The doors are made from durable, solid European Oak tongue & groove boards and mouldings, or European Oak face mouldings on external grade European Oak faced ply. Doors are supplies fully finished in a selection of colours. Oak doors are available in single sizes and are supplied on Slideway Retractable double door gear (double doors are just too heavy).

Glasswood GRP Up & Over Doors


Side hinged doors are supplied pre-framed as standard and come complete with a brass effect Euro profile night latch and deadlock, a pair of door stays, two monkey tail shoot bolts and four ant-drop anchored dog bolt hinges per door leaf. A luxury pack with three point locking for the active leaf, a foot operated floor bolt for the inactive leaf and "monkey fur" draft sealing is available as an option.

Doors are supplied to open outwards with the lock on the right when viewed from the outside. Left hand opening is available as an option.

Side hinged doors are available in the following materials Steel, Timber Classic, GRP and ABS.

Remote Control

All our garage doors are designed for automation. All Cardale's operators have been tested on Cardale doors and are compliant and certified to the latest European standards for safety, performance and reliability.



Garador are the UK's leading manufacturer of garage door and garage door operating system. The Garador range of garage doors is renowned for quality and reliability, as well as offering an excellent choice of door styles, materials and operating systems.

Steel Garage Doors

Offer a great combination of robust construction and excellent value for money. They are available in a wide range of attractive styles to suit modern and traditional homes. Garador steel doors are supplied finished in white or brown as standard. All doors are precision engineered from high-grade galvanised steel, to produce a door that will give years of reliable and trouble-free service. Each door is supported by a rigid box section framework for superior rigidity and sturdiness. All steel doors are supplied with a fine quality powder coated paint finish and high security Euro profile cylinder locks and handles.

Wide range of standard sizes


Garador steel doors are now available in the wide range of standard sizes so there's a great chance that we have a steel door to fit available from our standard range.


in the event that your garage opening is a non standard size, a purpose-made service is available in a wide range of door styles.

Timber Garage Doors

Garador timber garage doors combine the warmth and beauty of real wood. Supplied treated with a microporous neutralising base stain. All Garador timber doors are supported with a rigid brown powder coated galvanised steel chassis.

Garador Sectional Garage Doors


A Sectional Door as the name implies is made up from separate sections rather than a single panel. This allows for exceptionally smooth operation both manually and especially when electrically operated. Opened by a vertical lift action, guided by fixed vertical and horizontal tracks, the sectional door has many advantages over traditional up and over doors such as maximising the drive through width of the garage opening, and having no out-swing when opening or closing , allowing for close parking either side of the door.

Operators - Electric Door Operation

Opening your garage door from your car is not only easy, its safe too. At the touch of a button, the automatic operator opens the garage door and lights the garage interior. You drive into the garage and the door can be closed behind you. All without leaving the safety and comfort of your car.

For extra security and safety, hand transmitters are factory pre-programmed with more than 1 billion possible codes. Other options available include a four button transmitter, a mini-sized 'key-fob' transmitter as well as a key switch, digital coder and internal push buttons.


Hörmann manufacture some of the finest garage doors in a variety of different materials which offers superior design, engineering excellence and outstanding security.

Steel Garage Doors

hormann steel garage doors

Hörmann Steel garage doors are highly attractive in appearance and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and finish. Whether choosing one of the ribbed designs that offer a quiet elegance to blend in with any environment, or one of the panelled designs that give a lasting prestige of classical beauty.

The Standard colour of the steel doors range from Traffic white in a tough powder-coated finish that is both attractive and durable. Some of the styles and sizes are also available in Terra brown.

The doors are available in a comprehensive range of standard sizes from 6'6" x 6'6" to 14'0" x 7'0" depending on the style required.

Timber Garage Doors

hormann timber garage doors

The natural beauty of crafted wood has a lasting appeal thats captured in Hörmann Timber Garage Doors. They come in a range of great styles panelled or tongued and grooved which will add warmth and character to your home. The cedarwood used is only obtained from properly managed forest sources.

You can Design your very own timber door

You cut the timber to size. The frame and struts are pre-drilled at 30mm spacings making for easy fitting every time, regardless of whether the timber boarding is arranged vertically, horizontally, in a chevron / rhombus or individually designed.

GRP Garage Doors

hormann GRP garage doors

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) often referred to as fibreglass, is a tough and durable material. With finely moulded finishes, Hörmann GRP doors give a look and feel of beauty and distinction. Open-for-infill steel leaf frames ensure stability of the door and keep all moving parts acting on steel components avoiding stress on the panel.

There are many different styles of Hörmann GRP garage doors offering the choice from rustic designs to modern panels that give the feel and impression of natural wood.

Hörmann Sectional Garage Doors

hormann sectional garage doors

Hörmann sectional doors are characterised by top grade materials, precision workmanship and a high degree of operational convenience and functional safety. Sectional doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space. This constructional principle means you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage parking. The shape of the structural opening is no longer of prime importance it can be square, angled with segmental or full centred arch.

Hörmann Door Operators


Automatically Greater Comfort and Convenience - In choosing a Hörmann door operator, you are opting for state-of-the-art operator technology in a quality that you can absolutely rely on. Even if you don't have a Hörmann quality garage door, a Hörmann operator is the best choice you can make.

You stay seated in the car, press the button on the hand transmitter and drive straight into the garage


Novoferm Doors are extremely high quality and are designed to suit almost all domestic garage door openings with a range of standard sizes as well as made to measure options. Novoferm Doors come in a three different types up and over, roller and sectional, and a number of different materials.

Novoferm Up and Over Garage Doors come in three different materials:

Steel Novoferm steel

The perfect combination of style and strength. The door structure and crispness of design are the result of one of the most advanced manufacturing processes of its kind in the world. Novoferm Steel doors are constructed from galvanised steel to give a high degree of protection against corrosion.

Timber Novoferm timber

For the beauty of natural wood, Handcrafted using solid cedar and marine ply sourced only from replenishable sources. Novoferm wooden doors are treated with a microporous water repellent sealant to resist the rigours of weathering. There are 4 different designs to choose from, the Monarch door is finished in Mahogany wood-stain. All other doors are supplied unstained to allow you to match existing timberwork on your home.

GRP Novoferm grp

If you like the beauty of natural timber, but don't want the maintenance that timber can require, a Novoferm Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) door could be the answer. You can choose from beautiful smooth gloss designs or timber effect doors which re-create the finest timber detail to give a finish which is just like the real wood itself. They come in 8 different styles - Glossop, Lydbrook, Virginia, Winchester, Chertsey, Shildon, Hamilton / Hamilton Tall and Newbury. These doors are available in 16 different colours and extra touches such as glazing is also an option.

Novoferm Door Operators

Remote control Garage Door systems Novoferm Remote

Once your home has a Novoferm remote control garage door system fitted, you'll never want to be without one again.

On a cold, wet, windy day, one of the last things you want to do is get out of your car to open the garage door. The convenient, luxurious alternative is to come home to an automatic garage door, operated from the comfort of your car.


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